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OT: Hurricane Katrina
by Menina (meninaiscrazy)
at August 31st, 2005 (01:29 am)

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Well, I guess this one has gone down in history. Meh ...

Anyways, my area has lot's of the evacuees and is sending lot's of help to the affected areas. We'll probably be sheltering them for a while since they now say that New Orleans will probably be flooded that'll be over twelve feet high. Considering that the part of the US that was hit is the poorest in the US donations and help will be much appreciated by those affected. There are links for both donations for the people who have survived. Also, info for contact and more info about the whole situation. For those wanting info on relatives and/or friends please be patient since the lines are jammed. Almost every single contact number has been showing busy signals.

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