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bwitched83uk [userpic]
FIC: A Beautiful Lie 7
by bwitched83uk (bwitched83uk)
at August 22nd, 2005 (08:40 am)

Title: A beautiful Lie

Author: Bwitched83uk (bwitched83uk@aol.com)

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Colin/Jared

Summary: Jared knows that what he and Colin share is nothing more than a beautiful lie, or is it?

Beta: My darling Beth.

Archive: www.geocites.com/b_witched83uk


Feedback: Makes Jared and Colin horny baby.

Chapter 7


The sea air travelled in on the wind, drifting in through Jared’s open hotel room windows. The salty tasting air made him feel fresh and alive.

Walking into the bathroom and coating his toothbrush with toothpaste, he began his morning routine. As he brushed his teeth he though about the man, still snoring softly in his bed. Colin had come so far since he found out the true extent of Jared’s feelings. For the first time in a long time Jared felt like everything was going to be okay.

He couldn’t deny that he still worried though. Worried that Colin would one day turn to look at him and wonder, ‘what the hell am I doing?’

Jared loved Colin, loved him so much it ached. He couldn’t help but long to hear Colin say it back to him, but he could live with it. If Colin needed more time then Jared would give it to him. Jared would give him anything.

His eyes darted to the reflection of the bathroom door in the bathroom mirror and saw Colin entering the room, hair ruffled from sleep, eyes still half closed and naked as the day he was born.

He walked up behind Jared with a sleepy smile on his face and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his lover’s shoulder. “Morning,” he mumbled roughly.

The effect of Colin’s sleep-roughened voice so close to his ear made Jared shiver. He smiled back at Colin’s reflection and placed his toothbrush back in the holder.

He took a hairbrush off the counter and was about to brush his long hair when Colin stopped him.

“Can I?” Colin asked, taking the brush from him and gently running it through Jared’s silky hair. The two men held each other’s eyes in the mirror and Jared thought he had never been so happy because of something so simple.

“Beautiful,” Colin whispered as he placed a kiss to the side of Jared’s throat. He finished brushing Jared’s hair, giving it more attention than necessary and reached over for his own toothbrush, grinning at Jared as he left to go get dressed.


The evening was a hot one, especially with all the lights and the prop fires burning. They were filming Francisco’s dance for Alexander and the kiss that came with it. All evening Francisco had kept himself apart from the rest of the actors, who only had to stand around and watch him while he did all the hard work.

“He looks nervous,” Colin commented, looking over at Francisco as he went through his moves in his head.

“Of course he’s nervous,” Jared said, brushing a lock of hair behind his ear. “His whole performance in this film rides on this one dance. Plus he has to be super sexy and not everyone can turn it on and off like I can.”

The group of men laughed and Colin found himself looking at Jared with affection.

“I don’t know about that,” Jonathon said, watching Francisco twist and grind. “I think he has it switched on full time.”

Colin looked over at him, not really surprised. “See something you like there Johnny?” he said with a laugh. Jonathon just grinned and pushed Colin into Jared.

“Aww don’t worry Hephaistion. You’ve no need to be jealous,” Johnny said, wrapping his arm round Jared’s shoulders. “You can be my harem dancer anytime. You’re too good for this gob shite anyway,” he said nodding towards Colin. Everyone laughed, including Colin.

Jared couldn’t help but beam when Colin removed Jonathon’s arm from Jared’s shoulder and pulled him away from Jonathon. “Get your own harem boy, this one’s mine.” He planted a kiss on Jared’s cheek, making the men cheer and laugh some more. Not a single one of them could know how much that simple sentence had meant to Jared because not one of them thought for a second there was anything between the two of them.

“You’re not going to cry when he kisses Francisco are you Jare?” Johnny winked at him teasingly.

Jared just smiled and enjoyed Colin’s closeness. “Nah. Are you?” he shot back. “We’ve all heard you jerking off in your hotel room, “Oh Bagoas, you sexy eunuch you.” I’ve started wearing ear plugs to bed.”

Everyone roared with laughter and Johnny just shook his head. “I think we should give him some encouragement, give him a confidence boost.” They all looked back over at Francisco who was doing the dance again and again. They started clapping their hands and cheering loudly. Francisco looked over at them, unsure what all the noise was at first. A huge smile spread across his face when he saw that they were cheering him. He waved back at them and turned away shyly.

“Aww, he’s blushing,” Jared commented. “Maybe he’s heard you at nights too Johnny.”

“Seeing as our hotel rooms are next to each other do you really want to talk about what I hear at nights?” he asked, looking between Colin and Jared.

Colin frowned and Jared’s eyes grew wide.

“Don’t worry,” Johnny said discreetly as they all moved to take their places. “You’re secrets safe with me.”


It was late, or early to be precise, by the time they got back to their hotel. They hadn’t wrapped for the night until after three and it was pushing four now.

Colin and Jared slowed their walking as they reached Jared’s hotel room, both waiting for the other one to ask the question. Finally they stopped in front of the door and Jared turned to Colin with a small smile on his face. “So, are you coming in?” he asked almost shyly.

Colin smiled back at him and reached out the brush a lock of Jared’s hair behind his ear. “Yeah.” His voice was soft and rough at the same time.

Once inside the door Colin grabbed Jared around the waist and began kissing him hungrily. Jared let Colin take control like he always did and allowed the other man to undress him.

Once they were naked the two men lie on the bed and began kissing slowly, simply enjoying it for what it was and not rushing through it to get to the good stuff as Colin was used to.

“Jare,” Colin said gently, sitting up and looking down at his flushed lover. “I want give you something, for everything that you’ve given me. I also want to prove to you that it’s you I want, no other.”

Jared frowned and sat up too. “What? What do you want to give me?”

Colin smiled, looking a little nervous and shy. “I want you to make love to me.”

Jared’s eyes went wide. “You mean, you want me to…”

“Fuck me?” Colin asked, amused that they were suddenly both so shy after everything they had done together. “Yes.”

They sat and talked about it for a few more minutes, Jared insisting that Colin didn’t need to prove anything to him but he would make love to him if it were truly what he wanted.

Colin couldn’t deny that he was nervous. He had been told there would be some pain, but he trusted Jared and he had also been told that the pleasure far outweighed the pain.

“This will be easier if you lie on your front,” Jared told him, retrieving the lube from the nightstand. “It shouldn’t hurt as much.”

Colin did as he was told and lay there quietly, unable to speak, unable to think about anything other than what was about to happen. ‘If God hadn’t wanted men to fuck then he wouldn’t have put the prostate gland up their arse,’ Colin told himself, trying to calm his nerves.

“Okay, just try and relax.” Jared prepared Colin carefully, making sure to open him up enough so that he wouldn’t hurt him too much. He could feel Colin squirming underneath him, even pushing back on the fingers that were inside him. When Jared’s fingers had brushed over his prostate for the first time Colin swore into the pillow, muffling his voice.

“Jesus Jared, that’s enough. Now, please,” Colin practically begged. Never in a million years had he thought he would ever be begging a man to stick his cock up his arse.

Jared lubed up his cock and teased Colin’s entrance with the head. “Tell me if I hurt you and I’ll stop,” Jared said, pressing a kiss to Colin’s shoulder.

“If you stop, I’ll fucking kill you,” Colin breathed out, now beyond caring about pain. He just needed Jared inside him. He needed to be fucked.

Jared chuckled breathlessly and pushed in a little. Instantly a brief shot of pain went through Colin but he ignored it. He wasn’t some girly virgin; he didn’t need Jared to be gentle with him. He pushed back as much as he could, engulfing Jared’s cock with his tight arse.

“Ah, fuck,” Colin cried out, feeling as though he had been ripped in two.

“What the fuck are doing?” Jared asked angrily.

Colin bit his lip and waited a few seconds before speaking. “Okay, come on then. Move.”

Jared moved slowly inside the tight heat. “Stupid bastard. You could have hurt yourself.”

Colin moaned and pushed his face into the pillow.

“Was that a good moan or a pained moan?” Jared asked quickly.

“Of fuck,” Colin said, tossing his had back. “Good moan. So good.”

Jared smiled and kissed Colin’s throat, picking up the pace and thrusting into Colin’s willing body. “You’re so hot. So fucking hot, Colin.”

Colin moaned again, wondering why his poor prostate had been neglected for so many years. Nothing had ever felt so good in his life, he felt as though he were no longer in control of anything.

He pushed back on to Jared’s cock and moaned helplessly at the intense pleasure wracking his body. Jared began thrusting into him, holding nothing back. They were one person at this moment and they were beautiful.

As Colin pushed back on to Jared, he was rubbing his rock hard cock against the bed cover, working himself in to a frenzy. When he finally came it was hard and violent and he shuddered uncontrollably and cried out into the pillow.

Colin’s tight passage clenched around Jared and he fell over Colin, spilling himself intensely and biting Colin’s shoulder.

They stayed that way for a long time. Colin felt as though he had just had a deep tissue massage. He could have easily fallen asleep right now, even with Jared lying heavily on his back.

He felt Jared pull out of him and get off the bed for a few seconds. Then he felt Jared return and pull the blanket over them both before snuggling up against Colin’s side.




Posted by: Adaia (adaia)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2005 07:49 am (UTC)

Every chapter just makes me love this story more and more. Colin's slowly giving in to love and Jared even though happy is still afraid he will leave someday, you make it so real in your writings. I also really loved the simple gestures between Colin and Jared like the kiss on the cheek and Colin brushing jared's hair.

Posted by: bwitched83uk (bwitched83uk)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2005 08:05 am (UTC)

Thank you sweetheart, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think there will only be one mroe chapter left.

Posted by: clexlover (clexlover)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2005 12:16 pm (UTC)

Very nice!!!

Posted by: bwitched83uk (bwitched83uk)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)

Thank you :)

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